1. Huge Need for Great Dental Assistants:

I am beginning to think this is an epidemic. I get calls every day, in fact I just hung up with another dental office looking for an entry level dental assistant. They have 2 positions open. Yesterday, the office had an opening for back office and front office. I have had 8 offices reach out to me in the last week. I already ran out of dental assistants for them. All students are placed. This is a HUGE problem!

As I talk to the dental office and get a feel for their needs, I find out that they are really great offices and they are just looking for that person that is responsible, reliable, professional, with a good attitude. They are anxious and willing to help train the right person. I find that to be an extraordinarily huge opportunity. In what other field do you find that? A Dentist will invest $200,000 and up to 12 years in his own education, 1/2 million dollars in his new dental practice, thousands of dollars on consulting fees on “how to treat his patients and employees” and now that Dentist, wants to invest in you too??? Where can you enter a field like that?? Now that is a commitment to building a successful team.! All they ask from us, is that we show up to the interview professional, on time, with a good attitude, and a willingness to learn. All I’ve got to say is: Thank you…..that is Beyond Awesome!

2. Never a Dull Moment

Time to get to work. Turn on equipment in the operatories. … Fill solutions…Final prep for treatment….Check the sterilization room….Morning huddle….Coffee ….Co workers…Discuss each case with the Dr….. Any special set ups needed?… Anyone need to be pre-medicated? …X-rays needed for treatment?… How do we say their name correctly?… Adjourned….back to operatories! Rooms ready for treatment?… Restocking needed? …Burs ordered?… Biological monitoring sent in?…. Oh and here come the patients!! “Hi Mrs. Jones, how is the family? “….( I just love Mrs. Jones, her daughter is getting married next month, we better make her teeth beautiful)…. Lab work to be done? .. Is that anesthetic out of date?… Oxygen tanks empty?…. My trained ears hear the Drs. door open….I hear him coming down the hall….. I better beat him in there. …Here you go….Can you see?… Here is the light….Here is the mouth mirror and explorer…and here is this, that, and the other thing you need before you know you need it. It is only 8:00am………. Yep, if you like to learn, challenge yourself, and don’t like to sit in a cubical………. you too will think Dental Assisting is Awesome!

3. Huge Potential for Career Advancement

Did I say Huge, because I mean Huge. How many times have I heard “I want to change my career”, “My job isn’t interesting anymore”, “I’m not growing where I am”, “I’m at the highest level in my job and I want more!”

There is a lot to learn in dentistry. Knowledge is fascinating, technology is always changing, and we keep getting better and better. It is in our nature.

After you leave your Dental Assisting training, that is just the beginning. I know the first day is overwhelming learning all the new terms, teeth numbers, surfaces, it is like learning a new language, but believe me, that is just the tip of the iceberg. That news is pretty exciting to people who like to learn. There are so many details to perfecting our profession. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more valuable you become. There are so many options for advancement. RDA, RDAEF, RDAEFII, Dental Hygienist, Sales, Office Management, Treatment Coordinator, Consulting, Dentist, Lab Technician, Entrepreneur, and Teaching, to name just a few. Now that makes Dental Assisting an Awesome Career!

4. Steady Hours

How refreshing! This is a simple one. Dentists and their team have stressful jobs. To get all the dentistry done, happy patients, happy team, it is so important that the schedule is kept. No waiting for patients, everyone gets out on time. This is mandatory to a successful dental practice. It all has to be choreographed precisely. Set hours keep patients happy, Doctors happy, and employees happy. You can count on that! Now that is why a job as a Dental Assisting would be Awesome!

5. Purpose

I think this is so important in life. It is said that if you are in the right place, your job will never feel like you are working. So true.!

When I get a call from someone investigating the field of dentistry, I am always curious about what got them interested in dentistry. Will this job really feed them? What are their natural talents? Are those talents utilized in the position of Dental Assisting? If you like to multitask, be organized, work as part of a team, you will certainly fulfill your purpose in life. It won’t feel like work, and you will think Dental Assisting is Awesome, like I do!

6. Professional Environment

Professionalism is more than competence. That is a minimum standard. It is not so much what you know, but how you do your job and how you come across.

To work in this atmosphere, alongside other professionals, makes for a healthy image about yourself. You are valued, affirmed, and no matter what your position, you are respected for your contribution for the success of that practice. When your team keeps it’s commitments, uses proper language, avoids drama, makes certain they have a great appearance, practices ethical behavior, avoids gossip, displays a positive attitude, and is accountable , it becomes a desirable environment to work in. Dental offices spend a lot of time and money on employees trying to perfect this. For me, I thrive, when I work around people like that . It truly makes being a Dental Assistant, Awesome!

7.You Get to be Around Teeth

Now this is a funny one I know, but seriously about 1/3 of my students when asked what got you interested in this field, you said…”I don’t know, I just love teeth, I always have.” I totally can’t relate, although I have learned to absolutely love and appreciate nice teeth. Evidently a lot of people like teeth. You might have gotten braces and it fascinated you, maybe you always notice nice teeth, you could be drawn to anything related to the human body.

Fun Fact: Medical Doctors are fascinated with the human body too, but they really don’t know much about teeth! That is funny to me. So if you are one of those people that just love teeth, you are really going to think being a
Dental Assistant, is Awesome!

Who knows you might be a Dentist someday, waking up and being able to restore teeth, teeth and more teeth!