The Heartbeat of OC Dental Academy

OC Dental Academy was Founded in 2004. Owner and director, Konni Forster, designed OC Dental Academy with a heart of vision and purpose. In a world where four-year universities offer more debt than job security, trade schools are a refreshing option. At OC Dental Academy, it is our passion to craft dental professionals in an encouraging and efficient environment.


Founder, Konni Forster, has been a Registered Dental Assistant since 1976. Her success has provided the insight into what skills are necessary for landing a job and becoming a valuable member of a dental team. Konni designed a program where students would only have to attend class on Saturdays for ten weeks. The curriculum was made to include only what is necessary for the job. The price was set so that students would not have to take out a loan. OC Dental Academy was created to improve the job climate in our culture. The United States is 1.5 trillion dollars in debt, due to college loans, with minimal job security after students graduate. Trade schools like OC Dental Academy are a refreshing academic avenue to take.

In 2010 OC Dental Academy launched its online program, and in 2016 the success of the students in the workforce had Doctors calling, asking for recent graduates to hire. Today, OC Dental Academy’s website has a comprehensive job placement section where employees and employers can work together to find the right fit. We are currently located in Orange County and looking to expand into San Luis Obispo county.

OC Dental Academy has a rich history of empowering people to not only succeed, but to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for students to excel in their career path. We are committed to meeting the needs of each student by discovering their strengths and growing them to succeed with professionalism in the field of dentistry.


A Career to be Proud of

OC Dental Academy invites you to join a new, accelerated, low-cost course in Dental Assisting. We offer this opportunity from the perspective of practicing dentists and experienced dental assistants in the setting of an actual dental office. While we will seek to give you exposure to a wide range of dental techniques, materials, and dental knowledge, we will focus on the skills needed as “core necessities” for job acquisition.

Cost & Payment Options

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