Intro to CAD/CAM

CAD/CAM is an acronym for computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing. Used for decades in the manufacturing industry to produce precision tools, parts and automobiles. CAD/CAM technology has been increasingly incorporated into dentistry over the past 20 years.


Instead of making a mold and sending it to a lab for scanning, a well-equipped dentist can use a variety of technologies, from intraoral cameras to CBT, to scan teeth directly. The digitized scan can then be sent to an on-site milling or 3-D printing machine to carve the crown from a block of porcelain or print it from resin while the patient relaxes in the waiting room.

After a little finishing and preparation work, the crown is ready for fitting, and the satisfied patient is heading back to work.

This is a scenario that appeals to patients — a single visit with no need to wander around with a temporary crown that offers them savings in both time and money.

Learn Cutting Edge technology

OC Dental Academy partners with Pacific Dental Services and their experienced team to provide this hands-on class. Introduction to CAD/CAM is a 4-hour course. We offer this class to all dental assistants in the community. You are welcome to join our class as we learn about this cutting-edge technology. Free!

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OC Dental Academy offers a hands-on course designed to give you the basic fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to start your new career, at a minimum cost of time and expense.

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