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In today’s dental practices, organizing and operating an efficient dental business presents many challenges. The purpose of this dental administrative course is to provide a program that illustrates the functions of the dental business office and to provide information on how to organize tasks, complete procedures, develop effective communication skills, and acquire a professional outlook towards dentistry. Our goal is for students to become a well-qualified administrative dental assistant who understands basic business concepts, understands all facets of the dental practice, and will become a loyal and active member of the dental team.

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Course Details
  • Dental Administrative Course
  • Internship – 40 Hours
  • Textbook, The Administrative Dental Assistant, Linda J. Gaylor
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Dental Front Office Certificate of Completion
  • CPR for the Healthcare Provider, American Heart Association, 2 Year Certification
“We’ve designed this course from the ground up with you in mind. If you want a career in 10 weeks this is the course for you.”

Konni Forster, Owner/Director

A Dental Front Office Course Like No Other

The curriculum has been designed by OC Dental Academy to make your learning informational and interactive. Critical thinking questions challenge the student to reach beyond basic learning, to research subjects and express an opinion based on knowledge obtained in the textbook, additional resources, and interactive discussions. As a member of the dental healthcare team, the administrative dental assistant will need to become proficient in essential skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership to adapt to the new and emerging technology.

For an administrative dental assistant to move beyond the role of a data-entry technician, that person must become skilled in communications, basic bookkeeping, appointment control, and records management, as well as fundamental dental procedures and terminology. The course also introduces a new interactive tool that simulates a week in the life of a typical administrative dental assistant!

Students will be trained in the following areas:
  • Introduction to the Dental Profession

  • Dental Basics

  • Communication Skills: Principles and Practices

  • Communication Skills and Telephone Techniques

  • Written Correspondence

  • Patient Relations

  • Dental Healthcare Team Communication

  • Computerized Dental Practice

  • Patient Clinical Records

  • Information Management

  • Dental Patient Scheduling

  • Recall Systems

  • Inventory Management

  • Dental Office Equipment

  • Financial Arrangements and Collection Procedures

  • Dental Insurance Processing

  • Bookkeeping Procedures:  Accounts Payable

  • Bookkeeping Procedures: Accounts Receivable

  • Employment Strategies

  • Resume Skills Workshop

Course Requirements

The following requirements are necessary to enroll in the dental assisting training course offered by OC Dental Academy:

Person must speak English
Person must be in good health and present a clean neat appearance
Person must be 17 years of age or older
Person must be interested and ready to learn the field of dentistry


A Career to be Proud of

OC Dental Academy invites you to join a new, accelerated, low-cost course in Dental Assisting. We offer this opportunity from the perspective of practicing dentists and experienced dental assistants in the setting of an actual dental office. While we will seek to give you exposure to a wide range of dental techniques, materials, and dental knowledge, we will focus on the skills needed as “core necessities” for job acquisition.

Konni Forster

Konni Forster, Owner/Director

OC Dental Academy
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An Exciting Dental Career is Just a Few Clicks Away

OC Dental Academy offers a hands-on course designed to give you the basic fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to start your new career, at a minimum cost of time and expense.

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